Santipada 'State of Peace'

The Santipada Buddhist Monastery of New Zealand is dedicated to providing opportunities for monastics and lay people to learn and practice the liberating teachings of the Buddha. Here you can learn the balanced combination of eraly Buddhism and later Buddhism - Theravada and Mahayana Zen Buddhism both. Buddhas Teaching is for the peace, the intergation, the oneness, and the end of all division. That's the Santipada the State of Peace-Nibbana. Let us go together.

Meditation Program

Sunday Meditation
10 am - 12 pm, walking, sitting, Dhamma talk .
At 9:30 am the monks will give a 30-minute instruction class for beginners.
All teachings are offered freely.
Dana: food for monks or koha are gratefully accepted.

Staying in the Monastery -

Volunteer or Retreat

There are two ways of staying at Santipada. Volunteer or Retreat.

To learn about this wonderful experience. please go to Staying at the menu above