Santipada 'State of Peace'

The Santipada Buddhist Monastery of New Zealand is dedicated to providing opportunities for monastics and lay people to learn and practice the original teachings of the Buddha. These teachings encompass a philosophy of life and meditation practice that bring about freedom from human suffering and thereby happiness to individuals and ultimately the world. The Buddha taught that through an understanding of the mind we are better able to recognize our connection to nature and each other and therefore live in harmony with our world.


Sunday Meditation starts at 10am - 12pm, followed by potluck lunch. At 9:30am the monks will kindly give a 30 minute instruction class for beginners.
All teachings are offered freely. Dana: food for monks or koha are gratefully accepted. For staying as a volunteer (Minimum a week), please contact Read More

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Long-term retreats are available at the Santipada Monastery for people who wish to further cultivate their meditation practice. The daily schedule includes more hours of meditation and the guidance of monastics who will be available discuss the progress of your practice. For more information about this wonderful experience click on the link below.

We have accommodation available for bhikkhunis or bhikkhus, who wish to stay or visit. Please email us with your details: Staying in the Monastery: Guests are expected to follow the daily monastic routine and join in with all communal meditation. Monastery guests also have many hours of the day free for individual Dhamma practice, so in order to make the best use of the opportunity it is expected that they will spend their free time meditating and studying. Some previous experience in Buddhist teachings and meditation is helpful.

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