A key tool for transforming the mind is meditation. Buddhist meditation practices are techniques that encourage and develop concentration, clarity, and emotional positivy. By engaging with a particular meditation practice one learns the patterns and habits of the mind, and the practice offers a means to cultivate new, more positive ways of being. In the Santipada Buddhist Centre, meditation is practiced as taught by the Buddha 2500 years ago. Here we practice the eight-fold path and develop 'sati' and 'samadhi'. Sati is interpreted as mindfulness, awareness or skillful attentiveness. Samadhi is deep tranquility or stillness. Through walking and sitting meditation we are able to relax - 'take a holiday' - from our everyday activities and busy environment. With regular practice we are able to cultivate a clear and peaceful mind. This helps us share our happiness, wisdom and compassion with others, and ultimately fosters peace and happiness for the world. When meditating, teachers are as important as techniques. But a wise teacher can lead the student in the right direction without difficulty. When you begin a meditation practice, your teacher will advise you on how much time to spend on each type of meditation. We encourage a balanced and harmonious practice of walking, sitting, and living meditation. Walking meditation is the bridge between your sitting and living practice. Living meditation you can do anywhere and anytime. The Santipada Buddhist Centre is open to everyone. You may come to the centre at your own time to meet with Yasala Bhante to learn Buddhism and meditation. Currently, we also meet every Sunday morning at 10am for meditation followed by a Dhamma talk and potluck lunch.

Sunday Meditation: 10am – 12pm and potluck lunch.

At 9:30am the monks will kindly give a 30 minute instruction class for beginners.

Dana: koha or food for monks.