Santipada manual for Meditation

Basic Meditation Manual

There are three domains of meditation. Sitting, Walking, and Living. Tree of Meditation has this three part. Sitting is like root, Walking is like trunk, Living is like leaves and flower. All three should be balanced and should go together accordingly.

- check point -

<Sitting Meditation (Mindful breath)>

  • Sit comfortably, reasonably straitening your back. Chin in.
  • Relax your breath (imagine that you don’t breath, whole universe is breathing through you.),allow it flow naturally, don’t control it.
  • Watch the breath – be witness of your breath.
  • Any hindrances (physical pain or scattering thoughts) arise, if it is not strong, just let them go.
  • If it is strong, temporarily shift your attention from breath to that obvious new object. Watch it with naming and come back to Breath (the main object)
  • Come back again and again to the breath.
  • Give a name ‘In out’ can be helpful to stay with your breath.

            <Walking Meditation>

-    30 minutes set up.  three stage.

  • 5 minute - walk as usual.. naming - left right
  • 5 minute – walk quite slowly. naming - up forward down
  • 20 minute – walk very slowly. naming –up up        forward forward down down

      - Focus of your attention  -

  • 1st stage – walking itself.
  • 2nd stage – feet movement
  • 3rd stage – feet sole

Hindrances - Basically let them go.

When it’s too strong, shift your attention from your main object (Walking) and deal with it (second object) temporarily. And then go back to the walking.

< Living Meditation >

  • Walking – Whenever you walk, walk mindfully with naming left right
  • Mindful eating – 7step process

Hold spoon – scooping – pulling – put in the mouth - put the spoon
down - chewing – swallowing

  • Door  : hold – open – close (Mindfully with naming)
  • Shoes (on ,off) : left – right (Mindfully with naming)