New Zealand Sati Arama offers Temple Stay programme

New Zealand Sati Arama offers Temple Stay programme for the meditators who want to practice at the temple.

Practioners from local and also other countries come and develop their mindfulness in calm and peaceful environment. The centre is situated in bush and native trees and there are small streams and lily pond.

Meditators keep silence all day, becoming aware of what they think, say and act in every moment. Meditatiors practise up to 9 hours per day including walking, sitting, eating and working meditation e.g. gardening. Some can practise up to 14 hours if requested.

In March, meditators from Kerikeri, Auckland and Austrailia visited the centre. They practiced meditation between three to seven days at a time.

We also offer short temple stays (Retreat) for meditation and relaxation of the body and mind.