Women’s Toilet&shower block

Dear friend

Wish you are well and happy

Through many years of an ongoing effort, now Santipada is becoming a more suitable place for many meditation practitioners from all over the world. It was only possible for all your attention and support in many ways. We are deeply grateful to you.

And now we are at the junction toward the further stage

May you already know that we are going to make shower and toilet block for woman practitioners on our newly developed property. The project was planned a year ago. In this year was the preparations year for planning and managing official matters and creating the fund. Everything is going well through lots of help from good-hearted friends. Many people all around the world have helped to raise the fund. Even though at the moment fund is not enough, we are already starting the work due to the genuine necessity of woman’s own dwelling place. Septic tank + waste water systems are now buried and space for ablution block is all prepared for start to build. We are going to finish this project during this NZ summer.  

Everything is well organized and we are ready to take hardship through this summer for this project. And at this moment your any support will be a great encouragement for us. Fundraising has reached now half of necessary budget ($130,000 NZ). The last raising up seems harder to attain as usual. There are saying ”As summit is nearer, trekking becomes harder”. But we will keep on trekking with your generous support.

Support For All. Support For Yourself.

ASBBANK: 12-3091-0229815-50 Santipada Buddhist Monastery Charitable Trust or go to SUPPORT – online donation

With this generous support, May you and your family be happy and well, And attain the final bliss of Nibbana soon.

Bhante Yasala. Bhante Anuttara and Santipada Sangha

1st Jan 2019

PS; If you wish to have receipt for tax refund, just let us know. We will send to you.