Working Bee Day

On 7th of April, Buddhists in Kerikeri gathered in the temple forĀ the Working Bee Day.

Every Sunday morning from 10 A.M. to 11:30 we have a meditation class in New Zealand Sati Arama. A week before the Working Bee Day, practitioners talked about it with tea and they made an appointment for the day. As winter is coming, it would be better to plant some trees and the seeds for winter vegetables.

On the day, people came to the temple with gardening tools and some food for the shared lunch. At first, we all attend the Sunday meditation class and later had a tea together.

After that we each had jobs. One got a job of weed-eating and cutting the tree trunks. Four people were to plant some trees. Two Korean families tidy up in the vegetable garden. They dug up the soil and sowed seeds in each row.

When all work was nearly done, lunch was prepared. Every food was quite well presented and very tasty. Tofu pocket sushi which a Korean mother made in her house was also very beautiful and all loved it. All members had fun and talked a lot over the beautiful meal.

Through taking part in the temple work and looking after it ourselves, all we become hosts of the temple and feel happier than before. It was also a good opportunity for children to learn the meaning of togetherness and be friends with nature.

Hopefully, you will join the next Working Bee Day and have a great time with us.